And Rulers for Using the Services Provided by and Available via the Mobzzo Mobile Application

Welcome to Mobzzo! The present document contains the General Terms and Conditions for Using the Services Provided by the Mobzzo Mobile Application („General Terms and Conditions”) and regulates the relations between BULSNITЕ EOOD and each one of the end users (natural persons) of the services available via Mobzzo.
Before using the Mobzzo mobile application as a User, please read the present General Terms and Conditions for Use carefully.

1. General Information

BULSNITE EOOD (BULSNITE), having its seat and registered address in the Republic of Bulgaria, city of Sofia, 11 Panorama Sofia Str., registered with the Commercial Register and the Register of the Non-Profit Legal Entities of the Republic of Bulgaria under EIK (UIC): 202840891, having a phone number: 00 359 890139493, , web: – is a company - developer that administrates, updates and maintains the Mobzzo mobile application.
Mobzzo is a mobile application that provides an opportunity for the natural persons to use services for paid parking (requesting, subscription, payment, etc.) provided by third parties - service providers (companies, local or government authorities). Unless explicitly set out and announced to the Users otherwise, BULSNITE does not provide the services offered via the Mobzzo mobile application personally. The persons providing the services bear the full liability with regards to their performance, including with regards to possessing all necessary registrations, permits for the performance of the services, etc.
Each person that uses the services provided by the mobile application in any manner, including, but not limited to, viewing them, creating a profile or performing all other related actions, shall be considered to be a User and a Party bound by these General Terms and Conditions.
The present General Terms and Conditions constitute a CONTRACT between the User and BULSNITE by means of which the User receives the right to use the Mobzzo mobile application for personal and non-commercial purposes in compliance with the terms and conditions set out hereby.
By accessing (loading) the Mobzzo mobile application and by performing the registration, you, in your capacity of a User, CONFIRM that you agree to be bound by the present General Terms and Conditions and all subsequent amendments of them, as well as are obliged to comply with them in accordance with the legislation in force. 
In case that you do not agree with any of THEM, do not make a registration for access to the Mobzzo application.

2. Access to the Mobile Application

The mobile application is intended for mobile devices that use the Android and iOS operational systems and it is accessible for free downloading from the Google Play and Apple Store online stores, as well as at

3. Using the Mobzzo Mobile Application

This application provides the User with an opportunity: To make a request for the use of a service of paid parking within localities in which Mobzzo provides its services; to make a payment of the price of the service of paid parking; to subscribe for parking; to manage the parking period by determining the beginning of the period, prolonging it and monitoring the time that has left until the end of the parking; to monitor the payments that have been made (from the history of the payments that has been saved); to pay the amounts of the imposed sanctions with regards to the non-compliance with the parking rules; to have a team called with regards to the removal of a placed shackle.
The Mobzzo Mobile Application provides the User with an opportunity to receive timely Push Notifications (messages) for actions/requested services and payments made via the registered profile of the User, including, but not limited to messages about expiring time of the requested service (subscription), about a placed shackle, about repatriated motor vehicle.
In order to use Mobzzo properly and to receive qualitative services from it, the User shall provide the relevant permission upon the installation and shall refrain from prohibiting the receipt of Push Notifications (messages) during the use of the Mobzzo application.
The User shall pay attention to the fact that by selecting the Pay button, they start using the parking service as of that same moment. The requested service is considered to have been performed with the expiration of the period of paid parking selected by the User and the User cannot perform their right to refuse such service.

4. Registration and Profile

In order to use the services offered via Mobzzo, the User shall first make a registration with the mobile application. The User may receive access to the services of the Mobzzo application via a profile in the Facebook social media and/or to make a new registration via email by selecting a password. 
Each User shall bear liability with regards to the unauthorized access to their account. The passwords and the other information with regards to the access to and the use of services in the mobile application shall not be provided to third parties.
The User shall register the vehicle with regards to which they wish to use the services of paid parking by stating the registered number of the motor vehicle. The User is entitled to register an unlimited number of motor vehicles, whereas they can choose a default motor vehicle from them.
BULSNITE does not bear any liability in case that the User provides incorrect data related to their email or in case that the User is unable to access their email.
By registering as a new user or by entering the application via Facebook, the User provides their consent for processing of their personal data, as well as for making online requests. The data provided by each User may be used by BULSNITE for contacting the former, as well as for the provision of up-to-date information. The personal data shall be processed in compliance with the requirements of the European and Bulgarian legislation in force.
Each User is entitled to delete their personal profile, including the chosen manner of payment, at any moment by following the instructions in the application.
The User is entitled to terminate the Contract under these General Terms and Conditions at any moment by deleting the mobile application of BULSNITE from their device and thus terminating the use of Mobzzo and the provided services.
In case the User wishes the profile registered by them to be erased, they shall make an explicit request for this to Mobzzo via the functionality on the website of the Mobzzo application - / or by sending an email to . In case that the User does not use the profile registered by them for a period longer than 5 years, Mobzzo is entitled to erase it automatically.

5. Prices, Expenditures, Payments

BULSNITE shall collect no fees with regards to the use of the Mobzzo application by the Users. In case that BULSNITE established fees for the use of the application, the User shall be dully informed for this and they shall be accordingly provided with an opportunity to continue or to terminate the Contract and the use of the mobile application.
The expenditures with regards to the Internet access are not a part of the services provided by the application and each User shall cover these on their own expenses.
The prices of the services of paid parking (including hourly/subscription price, types of zones, maximal duration of the parking) shall be established and regulated solely and only by the terms and conditions determined by the relevant competent local or governmental authorities or companies managing the parking zones.
You can find a list of the localities and/or municipalities where Mobzzo provides its services on the following website:
The payment of the services requested via Mobzzo can be made by means of SMS and/or by means of an electronic payment via a debit or credit card through myPOS.
BULSNITE uses the services of a third party for the processing of the payments, whereas the processing of the payments related to the use of the services by the User shall be regulated by the Terms and Conditions and the Rules on Confidentiality of the persons processing the payments and/or of the issuer of the bank card. BULSNITE does not regulate the taxes (if any) collected with regards to the servicing and the performance of the payments of paid parking requested by the User via SMS and/or via debit or credit card in any manner and they do not bear any liability with regards to them, whereas these shall be regulated by the rules and the tariffs of the relevant mobile operator, the issuer of the bank card or the processor of the payment. 
BULSNITE shall not bear any liability with regards to errors of the processor of the payments. BULSNITE shall receive some data with regards to the transactions in relation to the use of the Services by the User, whereas BULSNITE may use such data only in compliance with their Policy on Confidentiality and Cookies.

6. Copyrights

The software that provides the functioning of the Mobzzo mobile application, including design, code, data bases, text, drawings, graphics, schedules and all other information or elements, constitutes a copyright object within the meaning of the Law on Copyright and Similar Rights and is owned by BULSNITE. No part of the objects of protection can be reproduced, translated, changed or used in any manner without the prior written consent of BULSNITE.
Each unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, change, etc. of a part or of the whole content of the mobile Mobzzo application is forbidden, it constitutes an infringement and shall be sanctioned in compliance with the relevant legal procedure.

7. Limiting and exemption of liability

The whole content of the mobile application shall be provided as it is, without any guarantees of any kind or nature, explicit or implied, and it shall suspend or exclude all other guarantees, included, but not limited to: availability, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, completeness, default guarantees, suitability in view of a certain purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property rights or other similar rights. Apart from the above mentioned, the administrator of the mobile application (Mobzzo) does not guarantee and does not make any statement with regards to the accuracy, possible results or the reliability of the use of the services for other purposes within the Internet environment, for the availability of mobile network, for the uploading of the materials on websites that are not related to the mobile application.
BULSNITE does not guarantee the quality, reliability or the ability of the third parties that provide the services the use of which can be requested by the User via Mobzzo.
The mobile application works as long as the mobile device in use has network and its GPS is turned on. If the User is out of network, the application will not work, and in case of lack of range or non-positioning on the GPS, Mobzzo (BULSNITE) does not bear any liability with regards to errors in the location and the applicable parking zone in which the User is situated.
BULSNITE or its provider do not bear any liability with regards to damages (including, but not limited to, damages caused by loss of data or unauthorized use of data, personal damages or damages of property) related to or resulting from any use of or the inability to use the Mobzzo mobile application, even if BULSNITE or its authorized representative has been notified orally or in writing about the possibility of occurrence of such damages.
BULSNITE does not bear any liability with regards to consequences, including possible damages, caused by or related in any manner to the access, use or the inability to use the mobile application and the services of parking offered by it, including any transaction or relationship between the User and the provider of the concrete requested service. BULSNITE does not bear any liability with regards to any delay or non-performance that fall beyond their scope of control.
The provides of the serviced offered by Mobzzo are liable for the legality of their activity, the quality of the services provided by them and the possession of all necessary registrations, permits, certificates, etc. with regards to the provision of the services.

8. Regime of the Information regarding the Personal Data and the Content Uploaded in the Application

When using the mobile application, the User agrees that BULSNITE can process the personal data provided by them as set out in the Rules on Confidentiality of BULSNITE.
BULSNITE, in their capacity of an administrator of the Mobzzo mobile application, shall be engaged with guaranteeing the integrity of the information containing personal data provided by the User via filled requests for registration, requests for use of services and requests for making payments. Disclosure is possible only in case that the information is requested by governmental authorities or by officials authorized by law to require and collect information containing personal data and in compliance with the established legal regulations.
BULSNITE may provide collected statistical information in order to prepare internal statistics, as well as for direct marketing purposes (both their own and of their partners). By accepting the present General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees with the processing of the personal data, which has been provided by them upon the filling of the request for registration, for the purposes of direct marketing. The User is entitled to make an objection against the processing of their personal data for the purposes of direct marketing by sending a written message to BULSNITE to the following contact address or email: city of Sofia, 11 Panorama Sofia Str.,
Sending information about changes in the terms and conditions regarding the registration, the General Terms and Conditions for Use or the terms and conditions for the provisions of the services by the providers shall not be considered to be direct marketing.

9. Links

BULSNITE is not obliged to review the whole content of all of the websites on which links by the mobile application have been uploaded, and due to this they do not bear any liability with regards to the content of any of the linked websites or links from portals. The inclusion of a particular link in the content of the Mobzzo mobile application does not bound BULSNITE in any manner. The use of such linked website shall be done at the risk and responsibility of the User.

10. Terms and Conditions of Use and Modifications

BULSNITE may, at its own discretion, revise and amend any of the provisions of the present General Terms and Conditions, as well as to amend, repeal or terminate services, data bases or content of the mobile application at any moment, by publishing an announcement on the website via the application or by informing the Users via Mobzzo, or via email. BULSNITE also may, at its own discretion, impose limitations on certain services or functions or limit the access of the Users to all services without any prior notice and without bearing any liability with regards to this.
The Users that do not agree with the amendments in the General Terms and Conditions are entitled to delete their Profile and to terminate the use of the services, as well as to request explicitly for the erasure of their profile and of the data provided by them.

11. Other Provisions

Each claim related to the use of the mobile application shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation in force.
The invalidity of one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions does not affect the validity of the other provisions.
The present General Terms and Conditions are approved by the Manager of BULSNITE on 11.02.2020.