How we do it

As can be seen from the accompanying figures, the intelligent parking and parking management system in the urban environment has a plurality of cameras (4) located at different locations and mobile consumer devices including mobile devices for citizens (3) and mobile administration devices (2) which have a two-way connection with remote server (1) with an online parking management and control platform. Each camera (4) has a standalone image processing device (9) that is integrated into or external to the camera (4). The remote server (1) has a free parking monitoring module (1.1), a payment module (1.2), an SMS and notifications module (1.3), a sanction module (1.4), an administrative module (1.5). Mobile consumer devices include mobile devices for citizens (3) and mobile devices for administration (2). Mobile devices for citizens (3) have the ability to navigate, make payments, receive and send notifications, and access information about actions taken. Mobile Devices for Administration (2) comes with a built-in printer and can monitor the user, check registration numbers and documents, issue and serve documents, and sanction them. The remote server with online platform (1) has a two-way connection with ticket vendors (5) located near parking spaces, with an administrative server (7), with a payment processor (6) and with an SMS processing processor (8).